A Brief History of Turf Equipment & Irrigation, Inc.

Celebrating our 30th Anniversary!Turf Equipment Company was organized as a wholly owned subsidiary of Salt Lake Hardware, a regional hardware wholesale company based in Salt Lake City in 1961. The original staff consisted of a sales manager, credit and payables manager, parts manager, and mechanic. Howard W. Price served as president of both Salt Lake Hardware and the subsidiary.

In the early 1970’s, Mr. Price left Salt Lake Hardware and moved his offices to Turf Equipment Company. He served as President and CEO until 1977 when Dean Williams, a department store executive, purchased the business.

In 1986 the company was purchased by a group of local executives including Dean’s son Tom Williams, Lorin Pugh, Warren Pugh, and Brice Sorenson. The business growth meant a need for a larger facility so in 1990 Turf Equipment Company moved from 2006 W. 1500 S. in Salt Lake City to 8169 South State in Midvale, and at the same time changed the name to Turf Equipment & Irrigation, Inc. headlining the added focus in the Golf, Commercial, and Residential Irrigation markets. Turf’s territory, is all of Utah, most of Idaho (not the panhandle), Western Wyoming, South Eastern Oregon, and most of Nevada (not the Vegas or Reno markets).

During 2004 Brice Sorenson and Tyler Sorenson purchased the shares of the Pugh family, and began to reinforce these basic principles, which had been part of Turf’s success:
• Distributing Quality Products (ranked number 1 or 2 in the industry)
• Customer Satisfaction (measured by in-house and independent surveys)
• Product Support (trained and certified staff)

The late 2000’s brought record growth, Residential/Landscape Contractor territory expansion into Las Vegas and Arizona, challenges associated with the financial crisis, and another ownership buyout, making Tyler Sorenson the sole owner as President and CEO.

In 2011, with land values down and favorable labor and material costs, Turf began construction on a new facility located at 1630 South Gladiola in Salt Lake City. The new building, coordinated by Tom Stuart Construction, was completed in May of 2012, beginning this new chapter.

Although Toro remains our number one product line we take pride in representing other quality products to supply customers with almost anything it takes to maintain their landscape and turf needs, including products from companies such as Watertonics, Otterbine, Harco, Lasco, Regency Wire, Standard Golf, and Par Aide.

Turf Equipment & Irrigation Inc.'s mission is to provide retailers and commercial operations in the western United States with the highest quality products and services for all grounds management needs.

Our Mission

Create loyal customers.

Our Vision

Be the preferred supplier for all products and services we provide.

Our Core Values

  • Ethics and honesty
  • Expect to win
  • Eliminate customer pain
  • Love an idea for ten minutes
  • Be the solution

Charles "Charlie" Zaun founds Zaun Equipment in Jacksonville, Florida.

Ben Reemelin purchases Zaun Equipment and takes on the Toro line. As Florida's development brings burgeoning markets, western branches are later established in St. Petersburg by Duke Newton and in Fort Myers by Jimmy Reemelin

East and West Florida territories split. Zaun Equipment retains the East portion of the territory. The West portion of the territory becomes Turf Equipment & Irrigation-Zaun, under the ownership of John "Jack" Cantu, former President of The Toro Company.

Ben Reemelin sells Zaun Equipment to Tom Bruns. In August, Turf Equipment & Irrigation-Zaun moves its headquarters to Sarasota, Florida

Following the death of Jack Cantu, The Toro Company purchases Turf Equipment & Irrigation and changes the name to New Turf Equipment & Irrigation. Five months later, Bill Gamble purchases New Turf Equipment & Irrigation, changes the name to Turf Equipment & Irrigation, Inc., Inc., and sets the company on course to become Toro's premier distributorship

Zaun Equipment moves its corporate offices to Lake Mary, leaving a branch location in Jacksonville.

The East territory of Zaun Equipment is sold to Bill Gamble and the name is changed to Turf Equipment & Irrigation, Inc. Supply, Inc., headquartered in Lake Mary, Florida, with John Gamble as President.

Turf Equipment & Irrigation, Inc., Inc. and Turf Equipment & Irrigation, Inc. Supply, Inc. are merged into one corporation. Thus, the two distribution houses have come full circle and are reunited.

Turf Equipment & Irrigation, Inc. purchases former FedEx 37,501 square foot distribution building for $3.5 million to expand service shop.

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