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Control your reputation online & increase sales by becoming the most trusted brand in your area.

Use the Top Rated Local® or National program to control your online reputation unlike any other rating system you’ll find. Get more sales by increasing trust.

Get more sales by building trust.

Get full control over your listing, content, and brand online. In addition, you can leverage highly convertible licensed ad-copy to increase your brand recognition and exposure across Google, Yahoo and Bing. Plus, use the trusted badge on your website to help convert more of your traffic into sales. Lastly, protect your brand from acts of blackmail, libel comments, and slander utilizing the integrated customer service dashboard, where you can manage and approve/disapprove customer comments at any time.

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Wow, it makes earning trust easy.

With Top Rated Local®, managing your reputation is a breeze!

Log into Top Rated Local® at any time to control your reputation online! Send a rating request to all your sales to build your reputation fast! Customers can also request to rate you at any time, you just verify they're a customer with one easy click. Top Rated Local® is the fastest and easiest way to grow and control your reputation online and increase sales. Plus, with the trusted Top Rated Local® badge on your website more visitors turn into sales!

Powerful reputation management software for brands.

Control and build your reputation online with ease.

Only verified customers can rate your brand. Plus, if a customer rates you poorly, you have up to 30 days to resolve their concerns and ask the customer to re-rate you. Also, all comments are kept private unless you choose to make them publicly visible.

Get found by prospects looking for a trusted brand.

Prospects are always looking for highly rated and trusted brands. Top Rated Local’s search engine allows them to do this. Plus, when somebody looks for you on Google they see your high rating stars on the search page which builds trust!

Increase conversions with the Top Rated Local® badge & widget.

Our Top Rated Local® trust badge and widget is installed on your site to ensure your new visitors see just how credible your brand is. This helps increase the conversion rate of your website and generate more new sales.

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Dynamic Reviews & Reputation Management Software

You Wake-Up One Morning to Find Your Reputation Trashed…

Here is an unsettling scenario:  You start your day with a search on your business name.  Review websites spring up, and as you read through you realize that your online reputation is being slung into the sewer.

And we’re not talking about legitimate reviews with constructive criticism.  We’re talking about outrageous accusations that qualify as slander.  Someone with a vendetta or vested interest in damaging your reputation is making you sound as competent as Homer Simpson.

Or maybe you see a customer you did work with.  A hot-head who you wished you’d never met, or a sourpuss who wouldn’t be happy winning the Powerball.

And all this is on page one of search.

Whether they are true or not, these reviews can do serious damage.

Review Websites That Favor Reviewers

Up to now, one of the major issues with review sites is that business owners have no control about what’s being said.  Thoughtful reviews with fair criticism would be one thing, but unfortunately what abounds are ridiculous rants and people who are leverage the internet to intentionally damage a company’s reputation, including competitors and disgruntled ex-employees.

These are off-the-wall remarks made with no consideration about developing a legitimate point–the rantings of a guy at a bar. Or they are lies from anonymous voices.

And they sit there for all to see.

Reputation Software That Gives You Some Control

Top Rated Local® gives you more control over review comments than any other 3rd party review sites.  It was design to:

  • Give business owners the ability to hide outrageous rants and libelous, unverified reviews
  • Ensure all reviews come from verified customers
  • Create a rating system based on specific criteria, such as quality, timeliness, and satisfaction
  • Optimize the review profile so it ranks on searches for the business name

If you have low ratings, they will be displayed, but you have 30 days to work with the customer to rectify the problem and get the rating changed.

Online reviews should be useful for consumers and helpful to businesses–a legit bad review is a chance to improve your service.

But for this happen, the review forum needs to be fair and professional.  This is what Top Rated Local® offers.

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